Use official SMU colours

Use official SMU colours

SMU Gold #8A704C
SMU Blue #151C55

The official colours for SMU

These play an important role in projecting a recognisable brand identity for the University. Use of the 2 main colours is critical when reproducing the University signature. The 2 colours are henceforth known as:


SMU Gold #8A704C
R118 G112 B76

40%C 50%M 80%Y 10%B

The use of gold in the identity brings in a combination of richness and lightness. It is also a counterbalance to the dark blue. Gold is at the opposite end of the colour spectrum. As such the colours complement each other.

SMU Blue #151C55
R21 G28 B85

100%C 94%M 47%B

The deep colour blue is strong and classic. It is legible and authoritative; there is no missing the sense of clear direction of this powerful, stable colour. It is cool, confident and dignified.

Supporting colours

These colours visually identify various other supporting bodies associated with the University.


Student Cyan #009DD9
R0 G157 B217


This is recommended for communication directed specifically towards student audiences.

Joint Venture Black #1A1A1A
R26 G26 B26


A neutral black signifies collaborative projects with other international universities e.g. The Wharton School

Special Silver #7D7D7D
R125 G125 B125

5%C 45%B

Special circumstances such as sponsorships and co-branding e.g. Li Ka Shing Library. (like Library) #7d7d7d


Each of the schools within the university has its own official colour to visually identify it. These are critical when reproducing the school’s signature.


School of Accountancy
Warm Maroon Red #9E0040
R158 G0 B64

100%M 60%Y 37%B

This colour has been selected to create a warm and positive impression for the school. It is a rich colour; bold, powerful and compelling. But this red has a softness that balances the energy of the colour. It is auspicious (red) but not garish. It has a sense of quality, ‘yang’, thoughtfulness, richness and power.

Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Warm Blue #005C96
R0 G92 B150

100%C 50%M 10%B

This school will be represented by a warm deep blue that will work comfortably with the dark blue and gold of the SMU identity. The blue is vibrant enough to appeal to students, yet calm and collected enough to reflect the prestige and power of the school and the lessons within it. It is an unusual blue in that there is a hint of magneta in the colour to keep the ‘ying’ from overpowering the viewer.

School of Economics
Deep Turquoise #006685
R0 G102 B133

100%C 12%Y 43%B

This cool ‘ying’ colour has been selected to complement the deep red. The calmness and richness of the blue-green evokes the sense of introspection and calm refelction inherent in study and learning. The turquoise colour is fresh without being too bright, cool, with being cold.


School of Information Systems
Deep yellow #C69200
R198 G146 B0

28%M 100%Y 18%K

This school will be represented by a deep, almost royal golden yellow. The colour speaks of sunshine, light and warmth. It is deep enough to allow the white letters to be read (Usually inherently difficult). It will appeal to the students and faculty alike and act as a bright, spirited counterpoint to the deeper colours of the other schools.

School of Law
Royal purple #330066
R69 G40 B106

77%C 100%M 31%B

A deep purple was chosen for this school for its associations with dignity and wisdom. A powerful colour, purple is often used by royalty and dignitaries on important occasions, and connotes nobility and ceremony. Purple combines the stability (yin) of blue and the energy (yang) of red to form a confident and inspiring symbol for the school.

School of Social Science
Emerald green #006633
R0 G83 B52

100%C 78%Y 42%B

This rich, lush colour has been chosen for its associations with growth and new hope, providing a fertile environment nuturing young minds. Balanced by soothing ‘yin’ properties, emerald green is brimming with vitality – supporting, encouraging and propelling students in their ambitions.