Find opportunities to reduce the workload for the user

Find opportunities to reduce the workload for the user

For example:

  • loading previously inputted information for address
  • automatic spell-checker, or
  • search suggestions

Here are some ways to reduce the workload for the user:

  • Minimize calculations required from the user. For example, a trial run of an application that shows you how many days are left in the trial period instead of just showing when it ends.

Or yet an even simpler and more popular example is in indicating the recency of items or events. A relative time stamp of "2 days ago" has more meaning and requires less effort to comprehend than say an absolute one of "Sept 2 2017".

  • Let users pick up where they left off. This can be in the form of:
    • letting users return to the same position or page in a sequence
    • retaining previously entered information (e.g. items in a shopping cart)
  • Filter or jump to items that users are searching
  • Position common answers at the top of drop down lists
  • Indicate or preview the next item in a sequence of items or steps
  • Reveal the number of items in a category
  • Consider giving users choices they are familiar with, instead of making them recall on their own (see cognitive strain)