Provide non-obtrusive, relevant, and non-redundant help and instructions

  • Show users how to do common tasks where appropriate, but avoid self-explanatory instructions
  • Asking for help should not interrupt current progress

Why it matters: Users ask for help whenever they are stuck in a certain part of your product. It is important for help – online or offline – to be additional and allow the user to resume work where they left off.

How to test it: Create test scenarios where users will ask for help, and see whether their work flows and progress are interrupted.

  • Retain important instructions on the screen while needed
  • When tool tips are used, provide useful additional help and do not simply duplicate text in the icon, link or field label
  • Provide context-sensitive help

Provide an easy and consistently placed link for users to contact the owner of the site, or application for help. This is usually done at footer or header of the site.