Provide proper feedback for delay (loading bars, progress indicators, etc.)

Duration of delay

Type of Feedback

0.5 – 2 seconds

Spinner / loading indicator

“Busy” cursor

4 seconds – 10 seconds

Progress bars (can either be based on percentage and/or time remaining)


More than 10 seconds

Let the user know that ‘this may take a few more seconds’ and provide feedback on how long it will take.

Depending on the context of the delay, you can also:

  • Keep users occupied by incorporating information or entertainment
  • Perform the operation in the background and let the user do other tasks
  • Display a list of tasks finished and tasks occurring

When the operation has ended, provide a strong visual and/or audio cue to notify your users.

  • Use cool colors in loading animations
    • Users have a tendency to perceive quicker loading times with blue-colored loading elements.
  • Start progress bars above 0%
  • Communicate the current phase of complex or lengthy operations
  • Avoid long delays by pre-loading content